The No-1 accelerator program in 121 Countries

CU Correspondent:
Hult Prize Foundation, the organization which visions of a better world with the help of young entrepreneurs.
Could you ever comprehend the idea of ‘solving world’s most pressing challenges’ being good business? Well, believe it or not Hult Prize Foundation is such an organization that recognizes the biggest crises that the world faces, targets those and thereby hosts a competitive program presenting a particular crisis as a challenge each year and bringing young minds into a battle field to generate ideas to solve it with the help of a business proposition having not only the sole purpose of earning profit but also to help build a better community.
Thus Hult, which was merely a vision of Ahmad Ashkar about growing the economy while benefiting the community, is now the biggest learning platform in the world engaging more than three hundred thousand young minds from more than 2000 Colleges in 121 countries all over the world! And with its unique purpose, Hult prize is now a community itself consisting of about 2.1M Alumni and individuals from forbes 30 under 30 investing more than 65 million dollars on potential start-ups. It has now become a year long and No-1 accelerator program which with the training from 30 thousand expert mentors, begins with campus round in colleges, moves on to more than 50 regional summits all over the world and eventually to its finale in UN headquarters.
Hult Prize Bangladesh, being a part of this exquisite community is now prevailing as the Number-1 start-up program in the country engaging about 30 thousand people currently. Starting it’s journey in 2015 at BUET and having 3 campus round events that year, it has advanced greatly with 19 campus round events in 2018, 51 in 2019 which has now reached 115 campus round events this year! Having such fast progression, it had its first Regional Summit this year in Bangladesh University Of Professionals (BUP), Dhaka, Bangladesh in which 70 teams from 20 different countries participated!
Thus Hult Prize Bangladesh has now built its own community of expert mentors, alumni and investors and has shown it’s worth in global platform when it had more than 100 teams from Bangladesh in regional summits and 3 global finalists, namely, Synergy and then there’s ImpactRays with a Bangladeshi team leader and last but not the least Safe wheel!
Hult Prize Bangladesh community is getting bigger each year with respect to its reach of institutions, students, proper business approach and this surely there is a motivated workforce behind this! It is indeed the ‘Bangladeshi team’ who coordinates and manages the events within the country. Their work to broaden Hult Prize’s reach in the institutions within the country and build up a better, more concrete and motivated community as a whole has brought Hult Prize Bangladesh this far! Mr. Fahim Shahriar currently works to represent Bangladesh on this global platform. He is the Asia Regional Associate and works in the Hult Prize Global Team and executes different strategies to support general on campus program operations in different countries especially in Asia Region.. Then there’s three Community Builders, namely, Ikrar Imtiaz, Md. Fahim Hossain and Fatima Akther Lovely who work on the ground to support and shape the On Campus program in Bangladesh, ensures the reach to a greater number of youths and builds a strong community of young change-makers in the country. And last but not the least, in order to compliment, highlight and feature the On Campus program in Bangladesh, the ‘National Team’ consisting Fabliha Enam as Content Curator, Sakiba Tanha as Communication coordinator and Jubair Zidan as Graphic Designer works tirelessly.
Hult Prize Bangladesh is going forward in full swing and is expected to have 2 Regional Summits in the coming year!