We need sound politics to tackle this pandemic worse situation

Israfile Roni:

Nobel Coronavirus (Covid-19) is the name of horror throughout the world. It creates a terrible apprehension everywhere. The human being becomes helpless even many developed countries failed to defeat this virus. As a developing country and with the poor resources, science, technology Bangladesh is in a sorely hazards situation.

Since our country has a scarcity of commodities we are weak to tackle this jeopardy, besides under a recent survey our economy moved down odiously. But, after all, we should not downhearted, rather we should try to make amends our loss. So this challenge is not only for the government or ruling party rather irrespective of race, gender, religion but the profession must also take part in this challenge. Honestly say that to materialize this challenge we must ensure a sound environment of politics in our country.

In this pandemic political party has many responsibilities as a person having the power to legislate and who represent the people politicians will carry out their responsibility to ensure the public safety, security & protection from any harm and work for economic development. Moreover, as the representetor, they must keep up peach, harmony, amity throughout the country. They also must treat all the citizens impartially and neutrally. but it’s not possible if any country has no environment of sound politics. for want of soundness and cleanness in politics, the politicians become violent.

In this situation, national development becomes a hamper. Sound politics is a term that emphasizes a situation and function among the political party that, they must be patient to opposition part; free from violence, conspiracy, and they follow the rules of constructive criticism among themselves. it also emphasizes contested politics the ways, that blurs between dissent and discipline; mediates the relationship between resistance and power.in sound politics, one must respect the opinion of others though they cherish different opinions. all political parties’ goals will be the development of the country and national improvement.

Honestly say that, if we discuss the political system of our country we see it dominated by two heritage parties. This matter is so sorrowful that, the opposition party in Bangladesh has very little role to play in governance this is the fault of opposition. The fault of the government that, The ruling parties typically use official resources to stifle opposition and perpetuate themselves in power. Undoubtedly it’s a heinous tendency our politicians must kick off this felon culture to establish sound politics.

The opposition should work as a check on the powers of the government in a democracy and sometimes it forces the ruling party to work for public welfare. They criticize the government so that the government keeps them working to progress the national economy. Now we see some conflicting criticism by the secretary-general of “BNP” Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir he often criticizes government which is groundless. They are not willing to take steps for public welfare let alone help the government in this worse situation.

we can talk about The Newzeland, Canada how they fought against COVID-19, and after redemption, they focus on economic line irrespective race, the religion they prayed participation their politician and opposition party. Our politicians bear in mind that a party is greater than a person and a country is greater than a party. So it’s the time of our politicians work together to take aside the grudge and discontent.

After a long time lockdown, our economic line moved down. Till now Bangladesh’s readymade garments industry has received work order cancellation of nearly 3 billion. The import and export-oriented companies are also at risk. The foreign remittance will come down and then it will hit the foreign reserves of the country. Now many worker job holder lost their job and many middle-class people became lower class and many people became helpless. Our agriculture, bank, an insurance company, mills- industries fall.

In this hazard situation, all of the political parties must work together to tackle this pandemic. Last, of all, we should remind United we stand divided we fall. Recently our financial minister A.H.M Mustafa Kamal prescribed a budget more then 568.000 core for the fiscal year 2020-21′ Some people criticized that it is huge than capability in answer our finance minister replied that, I don’t know from where we will earn this huge money but I only know it necessary for us. It may the silent announcement to accumulate all the people and power to heighten economic condition.

Writer: Dept of law, University of Chittagong