‘FoodPact’ Photography contest concludes


CU Correspondent:

‘FoodPact’ Photography contest arranged by Hult Prize at University of Chittagong concluded on Thursday (October 1, 2020).

Port City International University (PCIU) student Sadman Alam was announced as the winner from ‘Top 18’ of the contest, after public voting and the verdict of the Jury board.

Dipta Dey and Amitav Sen were declared as the 1st and 2nd Runner-up respectively while Istiak Ahmed and Nusrat Binte Reza both were declared as the ‘Honorable Mention’.

Students from more than 25 universities of the country along with contestants from India and United Kingdom (UK) took part in the competition.

The competition kicked-off on September 12, asking for submission of photos from the participants.

The photos to be submitted were required to portray a story related to some specific SDGs.

The result declaration ceremony was held through a facebook live session where Assistant Professor Anamul Hoque of CU Banking and Insurance Department was present as the Chief Guest.

Thanking the organizers for the successful completion of the contest, he said, “I found myself as very lucky while exploring these photographs.”

The photographs not only portrayed the SDGS, but also depicted the stories around us and the necessity to build a hunger free world, he added.

CU Photographer Association (CUPA) General Secretary Taukeer Ahmed Masud and Founder of ‘Arte Visiva’ and Executive Officer of Babylon Group Shadman Sakib, who served as the judges of the contest, were also present in the programme.

Shadman said “There was a big role of photojournalism behind each of the impactful movements.”

“I hope that, the rising and talented photographers that are here, will go ahead and make the best use of their potential,” he added.