Hiring consultant for Developing Training module on Adolescent Led Radio Program development

Terms of Reference (ToR) Of

Hiring consultant for Developing Training module on Adolescent Led Radio Program development

Background & Introduction:

ACLAB is a National NGO who are working in Bangladesh since 1988 and Radio Naf is a community-based broadcasting media channel (Radio Station) is working in Teknaf since 2012. The community of Teknaf and a part of Ukhiya including Rohingya camp can listen to radio Naf on-air and you can listen to radio Naf through Online streaming from all over the country. After the Rohingya influx, Radio Naf is developing and broadcasting radio programs on different life-saving and key behaviors changes messages and basic awareness programs for the communities. Since December 2018, ACLAB-Radio Naf has been jointly working with UNICEF C4D in different RCCE activities like H2H mobilization, Listeners club, Loudspeaker & Megaphone messaging, producing issue-based audio & visual materials, documentary and producing different traditional music for Rohingya and Host Community of Cox’s Bazar.



Adolescence is the duration of the transition between childhood and adulthood. Children who are coming into early life are going through many changes. It is a time in which values and capabilities are developed that have an exceptional effect on well-being. Adolescents want an eligible platform to enhance their possibilities. Through the Adolescent Radio Listeners Club (ARLC), ACLAB-Radio Naf has been working with adolescents since 2018. ARLC is a platform where adolescents engage themselves in their own conduct change, life-skill development, and recreation. For engaging adolescents in radio program development, ACLAB-Radio Naf is going to organize a workshop for adolescents on audio product development.


Objectives of the assignment

This TOR relates to developing a comprehensive training module that will help the radio Naf team for designing and implement workshops on adolescent-led radio program development. This module also supports adolescents to develop audio production by themselves.

  • Basic understanding of Audio production design and development.
  • Enable to train adolescents by on radio program development.
  • Work to raise awareness among adolescents about healthcare, personal hygiene, nutrition, education, etc.

Key Deliverables

The consultant will deliver:

  • The proposal align with the objectives of ToT
  • ToT Module – Based on the Adolescent led Radio program development
  • 7 days ToT Session plan & Matrix for the master trainer of radio Naf personnel based on the module.

Time Frame

It is anticipated that the final module will be produced within 5 calendar days after signing the contract or to be decided based on discussion between both parties. During the whole period of the assignment, follow-up meetings will be held between the contracted experts/consulting firm and ACLAB-Radio Naf team as well as with the UNICEF C4D team.


Award of contract

The consultant/consulting firm is expected to commence the main assignment within 3 Days of signing the contract.

Submission of proposal

The technical and financial proposals should be submitted the hard copy to the following address:

Head of Operation, ACLAB-Radio Naf, ACLAB Regional Office; East Larpara, Bus Terminal, Cox’s Bazar with the subject line: “Proposals of Hiring consultant for Developing Training module on Adolescent Led Radio Program development”. Proposal submitted to any email account will not be considered.

Submission deadline: 27 January 2022 before at 05.00 pm. The firm or individual who is able to deliver the whole module by 31 January 2022 is encouraged to apply.

Mode of Payment

  1. Payment for developing the module will be made through account payee cheque or bank transfer upon receiving the final report with an invoice based on the deliverables mentioned in the signed agreement/contract.
  2. Any VAT/TAX incurred from this assignment must be deducted at source as per government rule and policy
  3. If an organization is contracted, a valid TIN and Vat registration document is required. If an individual is contracted, a valid TIN is required. In this case, Tax and VAT will be deducted from consultant’s fees or at source while payment will be made by ACLAB as per the rules and regulations of the Bangladesh Government.


All documents, papers, and data produced during the study are to be treated as the property of ACLAB – Radio Naf and restricted for public use. The contracted consultant/consultant firm will submit all original documents, materials, and data to the Regional office ACLAB-Radio Naf.

Ethical Considerations

There will be nothing in the assignment that may be harmful to respondents regarding legal or medical grounds. No one should be forced to participate in the study and the purpose of the study and use of data collected should be clearly explained to all the participants. Consent forms should be shared with and be signed by the participants above the age of 18 and by the guardian or parents of participants below the age of 18. Confidentiality of data should be maintained and the report name of the respondents should not be revealed.

Risk assessment and management

There are several risks identified that may affect the outcomes of the project. As the project impact groups are children and duty bearers, some rights activists can always be at risk.  The policy of ACLAB ‘Safeguarding of women & children” will be followed during the study for managing risk with the principle of Do No Harm of any children and Women.

PSEA & Child Protection Policy

The consultant/consulting firm shall comply with the PSEA & Child Protection Policy of ACLAB – Radio Naf. Any violation /deviation in complying with ACLAB’s PSEA & Child Protection Policy will not only result in termination of the agreement but also ACLAB will initiate appropriate action to seek compensation for the damages/losses caused due to non-compliance with the PSEA & Child Protection Policy.